When you first learned to surf, you probably had instant feedback when you missed a wave or fell off your board. But now you know the basics, it’s hard to figure out how to improve – not to mention, you’ve probably picked up some bad habits along the way. Our personalised coaching provides the feedback you need in a friendly, supportive environment. You’ll meet like-minded female surfers and share your progression journey together to ultimately become better surfers and make the most of your time in the water.


Filmed Surf Sessions

We capture all our surf coaching lessons on film, allowing us to provide you with a high-quality, wave-by-wave review. You’ll be given the specific tips and knowledge you need to progress your surfing to a higher performance level.

Video Analysis

Slowing down video footage to identify how you can improve your technique is highly effective. We’ll show you training methods to correct your problem areas. This analysis works at any level and is especially beneficial if you’re still developing your technique.

Land-Based Training

To surf your best, it’s crucial to learn correct techniques both in and out of the water. Through our SmoothStar simulation and other land-based training methods, you’ll learn how to move your body correctly – maximising your surfing potential.



Personalised Coaching

One-to-one or group coaching sessions tailored to your individual needs


World-Class Experiences

The ultimate surf coaching experience to take your surfing to the next level


Video Analysis

Online video coaching to improve your surfing from anywhere in the world


Download and Learn

Improve your surfing at your own pace with our online surf programmes