What  Level Am I?

We understand you want to feel confident that our coaching is a good fit for your level of surfing. Equally, it’s important for us to know you’re at the right level for our coaching programmes. We’ve created this handy guide to help you define your level and ensure your surfing ability is right for the coaching option you’re considering.

Note: you must be a competent swimmer and have basic ocean awareness.

Level Guide


This is the minimum standard for surfers to join our coaching programmes. Novice surfers are more advanced than beginners who’ve just started surfing. They’ve surpassed the learn-to-surf stage and want the next level of coaching to help progress their surfing.

Here’s how to tell if you’re a novice surfer:

  • You’ve been surfing for 1-2 years
  • You can paddle through the white water
  • You can catch unbroken waves by yourself
  • You’re able to predict if a wave will be a right or a left
  • You have difficulty identifying the ideal peak positioning for take-off
  • Your pop-up is inconsistent and your foot positioning is a mixed bag
  • You can’t go left as well as you go right, or vice versa
According to your level, here’s what you can learn from our Level 1 Coaching Programmes:
  • Paddling techniques
  • Basic surfing equipment
  • Peak overview techniques and safety aspects
  • Surf etiquette
  • How to duck dive correctly
  • How to pop up on a surfboard correctly
  • Proper surf stance
  • How to read waves
  • How to position yourself best for unbroken waves
  • How to do basic turns


Intermediate surfers can generate their own speed but it may not yet be optimised. They attempt manoeuvres (such as cutbacks or floaters) with some success but generally have technique or timing errors. These surfers have often reached a plateau where improvement has slowed or stopped.

Here’s how to tell if you’re an intermediate surfer:

  • You have at least 2-3 years of surfing experience
  • You can paddle out the back unassisted in 3-4ft surf
  • You can duck dive competently
  • You’re starting to try different board shapes, slowly surfing smaller funboards or fish-shaped boards
  • You’re able to angle your take-off and go down the line on a wave
  • You’re starting to attempt basic manoeuvres
According to your level, here’s what you can learn from our Level 2 Coaching Programmes:
  • Effectively generate more speed
  • Pick the right waves
  • Choose the right surfboard for specific conditions
  • Pick the right line for different types of waves
  • Improve your bottom turns
  • Improve your top turns
  • Perfect your stance
  • Use your rails correctly to turn
  • Improve your overall flow and ability to read waves


Advanced surfers can take off in a deeper, faster section of the wave and surf top to bottom. They can successfully complete committed manoeuvres (such as snaps and re-entries) in the critical part of the wave.

Here’s how to tell if you’re an advanced surfer:

  • You’ve been surfing for many years and have experience in a wide range of surfing conditions
  • You’re comfortable in solid 4ft surf
  • You ride high-performance shortboards
  • You can take off deep behind the peak
  • You aim to surf top to bottom in the critical part of the wave
  • You can perform standard manoeuvres successfully most of the time
  • You are starting to try progressive manoeuvres with at least some success
According to your level, here’s what you can learn from our Level 3 Coaching Programmes:
  • Draw the best line to maximize your speed in all conditions
  • Position yourself for the ideal take off
  • Refine your equipment for peak performance
  • Pinpoint and improve any performance flaws in your surfing
  • Learn the correct techniques for successful progressive surfing
  • Get a full breakdown of any aspect of your surfing that needs attention
  • Learn how to surf to the judging criteria
  • Learn competitive preparation strategy and techniques
  • Heat simulations