We pride ourselves on creating fundamental improvements in technique that will benefit our surfers for years to come. High-quality service is important to us, and we value the positive word-of-mouth generated by our programmes.

Andrew Kramer

“Matt’s got a keen eye for detail on the biomechanics of surfing and he was able to provide rapid and targeted feedback for multiple people of varied abilities during the surf sessions. More detailed feedback was also provided at the end of the day, including equipment analysis. Matt focuses on individual needs and doesn’t go into information overload. I really appreciated the professional yet relaxed and personable approach – highly recommended.”


Tom Butland

“I’ve attended various camps and programmes run by The Art of Surfing since I was 10 years old. My surfing simply wouldn’t be where it is today without the technical and competitive coaching I’ve had from Matt and The Art of Surfing team. Best coaching in the world. I would recommend them for any age of surfer who’s wanting to progress their surfing.”


Greg Kassel

“The Art of Surfing courses have been amazing for our son. As a late starter to surfing myself, I didn’t have the knowledge to teach him good technique as a grom. TAOS courses have progressed his surfing and he’s developed habits and friendships from the courses that will last a lifetime.”


Kim Robinson

“Matt is hands-down the best technical coach we have ever come across. Our son’s surfing has dramatically improved after every session. Matt is also a great mentor for the kids and has inspired and guided our son with both his surfing and life goals.”


Irina Kosobukina

“I’ve been getting coached by Matt for more than six years now and he’s helped me progress my surfing to levels I never thought possible. Not only has Matt helped me improve my technical surfing immensely but he’s also helped me take my competitive surfing to new heights to help me achieve my goal of becoming the Russian Champion of Surfing.”


Ben Burnett

“I’d considered attending a TAOS course for 18 months before I finally signed up for one, as I thought it was directed at more high-performance surfing. Now I wish I hadn’t procrastinated! I started surfing late at 31 years old and am now 36. I think in hindsight I had plateaued, as I just didn’t know what I was doing wrong and what I was supposed to do to progress. I believe that if I hadn’t done these courses I would have still been surfing the same at 46. Now I have steps specific to my level of surfing to go away and practise. This has made my surfs way more enjoyable, including longer rides and increased wave count. I’d strongly recommend anyone looking to improve their surfing to attend these courses – don’t procrastinate as I did.”