After-School Squads

Our after-school squad programmes run in conjunction with the school terms. They’re the fastest way for kids to progress their surfing through consistent training with The Art of Surfing.


Level Requirements

Our squad programmes are available to all developing surfers aged 8-17 years who have their own surfboard and can catch their own waves.

Group Learning

The weekly sessions will cover the fundamentals of ocean knowledge, water safety, technique, competitive surfing and equipment.

No Surf, No Problem

If there are no waves, we’ll run our on-land surf simulation training sessions using SmoothStar skateboards to perfect your technique.


Ideal Location

The squad sessions are run from Hart St in Mount Maunganui. If the surf is too big at Hart St, we’ll head to Main Beach.

Filmed Surf Sessions

All our surf coaching lessons are captured on film. This lets us provide a wave-by-wave review, giving you the feedback to progress.

Video Review

You’ll get on-the-spot video reviews using analysis software on an iPad, with split-screen comparisons between you and a module surfer.

Surf Better Faster

We’ll identify your problem areas and offer instructions and training methods to enhance your surfing technique and safety in the water.

Equipment Advice

You’ll get expert advice on your board and equipment, with recommendations to ensure you’re riding the right board for your stage of surfing.