The Art Of Surfing offers personalised online coaching, helping surfers from anywhere in the world to improve their technique using advanced sports analysis software.


Upload Video

 Upload a 1-2 minute clip of your surfing to CoachNow app and tell us your surfing experience.


Using advanced sports analysis software we will review your video using both visual and voiceover instructional guidance using advanced split screen comparisons with a pro.

Go Surfing

The analysis is a highly motivating tool allowing you the ability to listen, watch and review your own personal coaching presentation before going surfing.


Be Coached Anywhere

Receive our expert coaching from anywhere in the world. You’ll get the benefits of a private one-on-one session, only without the travel costs.

Surf Better, Faster

Join hundreds of other motivated surfers around the world, who are surfing better and faster after having their videos evaluated online.


Maximise your understanding and progression with training that’s targeted to your surfing needs and the areas you need to work on.


You can access your training video whenever and wherever you want, and watch it from your mobile device or desktop before surfing.


Each member of our coaching team is highly-trained and professional, meaning you’ll receive the very best analysis and advice.


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you don’t see your question here, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

What’s the difference between an online presentation and a private session in person?

The main difference is that you won’t have the travel costs. Our online video presentations are delivered just as we would if we were in person with you during a private lesson, using exactly the same software.

What type of coaching is included in the presentation?

These presentations highlight the key coaching areas identified during the review of your footage such as technique, wave usage, positioning and wave selection. The advice will be tailored to your needs and you can use it for ongoing inspiration and guidance.

I’m only an intermediate surfer. Will a coaching presentation benefit me?

Absolutely. We’ll slow down footage to analyse and identify where you can improve and share expert training methods to correct these problem areas. This works at any level and is perfect for intermediate surfers who feel like their surfing has reached a point they can’t seem to progress past on their own.


  • One Move
    One Move Analysed
    Submit your video and nominate ONE move to be closely analysed and reported on. Whether you want to improve your cutback, bottom-turn or backhand re-entry, we’ll give you the expert guidance you need.
    Price: $145
  • All Surfing Analysed
    All Surfing Analysed
    Want a comprehensive analysis of your surfing? Submit your video and we’ll review every aspect of your surfing performance, including your technique, wave selection and decision-making skills.
    Price: $250
  • Partnership
    Get regular coaching to maximise your progress. Sign up for our partnership membership, where you can send us a video every three months to get regular monitoring of your surfing skills and technique.
    Price: $695