OUR Story

Once you’ve learned the basics of surfing, it’s easy to stop progressing. Without knowing what you’re doing wrong or how to improve, you can spend years surfing at the same level. That’s where we come in. No matter where you’re at with your surfing, our finely-tuned video analysis will quickly pinpoint ways to improve your technique, and our professional training methods will eliminate those niggling performance flaws.


OUR Expertise


From kids to adults, all surfers share the same desire to ride a wave better. At The Art of Surfing (TAOS), we recognise the growing demand for expert-level surf coaching and training among not just elite surfers, but also recreational surfers who typically just want to be able to generate more speed and do a nice top turn.

TAOS offers high-performance, personalised surf coaching for all abilities. We specialise in technique, video analysis, equipment and competition-based fundamentals. Not only have we developed the programmes you need to fulfil your potential, but we’ll customise them to help you achieve your particular surfing goals and budget.


The Art of Surfing is based in Mount Maunganui, one of New Zealand’s premier surf destinations.

Our programmes are offered worldwide, from New Zealand to Bali and beyond. With courses, camps and online coaching, we reach surfers all over the globe.

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