3 Basic Tips That Will Make You a Faster Surfer

Perfecting the basics can sometimes be the toughest part of surfing. Even something as simple as gaining a few more seconds on a wave isn’t actually that simple when you’re learning to surf. On a wave, milliseconds matter and the majority of beginner to intermediate surfers struggle through a sluggish pop-up. If you’re looking to improve yours and gain more time on the wave rather than fall face first in the water, refer to these tips I’ve picked up along the way. Practice them daily, on land, to establish good technique before you paddle out.

Surf Style Trainer Elise Carver and I have combined our knowledge from a beginner, intermediate, and advanced perspectives when it comes to helping others improve surfing, creating camps for surfers to master some of these skills. Here’s a more in-depth look at how to start surfing faster.

After this, the biggest challenge for many beginners to intermediate surfers is learning how to generate their own speed rather than just relying on the speed of the wave. This is extremely important when you’re in average conditions, hence the reason a lot of beginner to intermediate surfers only like surfing when the waves are good. If this sounds like you, this following short video will be helpful. 

 As you progress, so does the understanding of how and why certain body mechanics contribute to generating speed on a wave. An efficient pop-up and picking your fastest line are necessities, and beyond that is the need to understand displacement of weight across your board in generating speed.

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