Ella Williams

“Matt is a great coach giving me excellent feedback and positive skills to improve my surfing to help me be where I am today.”


2013 ASP Womens World Junior Champ
2013 ISA World Champs Open 4th
2013 NZ Women’s Nationals Open 1st
2012 Open Women’s Series Champion
2012 U18 New Zealand National Champ
2012 U18 NZ National Scholastics Champ
2012 U18 Secondary Schools Champ

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2013 ASP Junior Women’s World Champion Ella Williams | Pic Digga

Dune Kennings

“Coaching with Matt is really worth it, I personally feel that not only is he knowledgeable with all the technical aspects of modern-day surfing, but he can actually go out in the water and surf amazing as well so he understands a lot more than your average coach.”

Content Results

2013 Ripcurl Pro NZ U20 1st
2013 Ripcurl Pro NZ Open 3rd
2013 Australian Skull Candy Pro Junior U20 5th
2012 New Zealand U16 National Champ
2012 King Of The Groms U16 1st
2012 Australian Skull Candy Gromfest U16 5th
2011 New Zealand U16 National Champ

Dune Kennings | Pic Digga©

Elliot Paetrate Reid

“There are lots of great surfers and lots of great coaches but it is rare to find someone with both of these attributes. Matt is a top coach, top bloke and an inspiration to us young guys who are looking for a career in competitive surfing.”


2013 U18 New Zealand National Champ
2013 U18 New Zealand Scholastics Champ
2013 U18 Secondary Schools Champ
2013 OZ Skull Candy Under 20 Open 2nd
2 x U14 New Zealand National Champ
2 x Quicksilver King of the Groms Champion

Elliot Bali

Elliot Paetrate Reid | Pic Corey Scott©

Mckenzie Bowden

“Matt has helped me improve my surfing a lot by working on my technique, competition skills and which boards I should be using. Before I started working with Matt I didn’t have any major results, now I have had success in the following competitions.”

Content Results

2012 Billabong Grom Comp Piha U16 1st
2012 New Zealand Scholastic Champs U16 1st
2012 King Of The Groms U16 2nd
2012 Billabong Grom Comp Mount Maunganui U16 3rd
2012 New Zealand Nationals U16 4th

Mac Inside Barrel

Mckenzie Bowden | Selfie GoPro

Tane Bowden

“Matt has helped me with my technique, speed and rail to rail surfing. I am looking forward to learning a lot more from Matt.”

Content Results

2013 Australia Rip Curl Grom Search U12 1st
2013 Australia Occy Grom U12 3rd
2013 Billabong Grom Series U14 Champion
2013 Billabong Grom Piha U16 1st
2012 Billabong Grom Comp Piha U12 1st
2011 King Of The Groms U12 1st

Tane BB Grom Reo

Tane Bowden | Pic PHOTOCPL©

Joe Palmer

“Matt has helped me big time with my technique and competition skills. This has been really good for me as a relative newcomer to the sport who’s playing catch up. While my national competition results are not yet where I want them to be, every time I see him I feel my surfing improves considerably. He’s also really supportive and good to work with”

Content Results

5th Billabong Grom Series Mt Maunganui
5th Billabong Grom Series Piha
3rd U-18 Polar Classic
2011/12 Northland U-16 Series Winner

Joe Palmer | Pic TAOS©