Group Coaching

The Art Of Surfing Group Coaching sessions are for groups of friends or families who are looking to improve their surfing together. You will have a dedicated coach for your small group with all the benefits of hiring a private instructor that is fully focused on your group’s progression.

Group sessions are priced per person and available to groups that are booking together or individuals that would prefer to join other people in group coaching. Group sessions work better with friends of similar surfing levels and ability’s.

Session Details

Group sessions are 1.5 hours long and include:

  • Venue analysis & peak postioning overview
  • Filmed surfing session
  • On the spot video review using state of the art analysis software on the ipad
  • Side by side pro/client comparison
  • Identification and discussion of problem areas
  • Instructions and training methods to correct surfing technique
  • Board evaluation and equipment advice
  • A copy of all HD footage from the session (bring USB)

Group Coaching Prices

(Under 18)
2 person $90pp $110pp
3 person $80pp $100pp
4 or more person $70pp $90pp
Group Coaching Session | Pic Corey Scott
Group Coaching Session | Pic Corey Scott
In Water Group Coaching Session
In Water Group Coaching Session