Boardriders Courses

The Art Of Surfing Boardriders Courses and Camps are specifically designed for New Zealand boardriders clubs that want to help their club surfers achieve their goals.

These courses/camps are for kids, adults and the whole family and will help surfers who are serious about learning correct surfing technique and working on specific changes to take their surfing to the next level.

We tailor make boardriders course and camp packages to suit different needs and group sizes and most importantly we come to you!

Session Details

The course/camp will be held at the boardriders local beach and will include:

  • Surfing sessions with video analysis
  • On the spot video review using state of the art analysis software on the ipad
  • Side by side pro/client comparison
  • Identification and discussion of problem areas
  • Instructions and training methods to correct surfing technique
  • How to surf to judging criteria
  • Competition preparation and strategies
  • Heat simulations and drills
  • Board evaluation and equipment advice
  • A copie of all HD footage from the camp

Note: Must be a minimum of 6 surfers

For more information or a quote for your boardriders club please email

Raglan Camp | Pic Corey Scott©
Raglan Camp | Pic Corey Scott©
Raglan Camp Video Analysis Session | Pic Corey Scott©
Raglan Camp Video Analysis Session | Pic Corey Scott©