Reece Spee – Spee Training

I have been a keen sports person as far back as I can remember! Born and bred in Mount Maunganui where I spent my earlier years with a rugby ball in one hand, surfboard under the other and a bag on my back! Off to the beach I would go making my own circuits up in the sand dunes, in and out of the water. Surfing and kicking the rugby ball around would see me leave the house at dawn and arrive home just in time for dinner!

I also had a natural feel for Tennis, squash, touch, softball, basketball, athletics and played them all competitively. I began to understand and learn about different types of training – hypertrophy training, static, dynamic, sprint, aerobic, anaerobic and circuit training. Also, mental application, form, importance of correct movements, mental toughness, recovery and nutrition.

In 2001 when playing rugby for Hawkes Bay and in my first year of my sport and Rec degree I had an opportunity to take a One-year contract to play rugby for a second div team in Northern Ireland called City of Derry which I did. From that choice, I got offered a contract with Ulster and stayed until 2006. Whilst in Northern Ireland I chased the waves in north west down to the west of Ireland.

In 2005, I was selected to play for Ireland in the rugby Seven’s World Cup. However, I did not go! as I was playing at the time with on-going issues with my groin and knee. A scan revealed I had osteitis pubis and later needed surgery to remove a piece of degenerative patella tendon. This was a compounded injury due to, inadequate recovery, rehabilitation and imbalances.

2007 brought about change! After 2 years of injury, inconsistency in my fitness, performance and mental wellbeing. We moved to England and took up a contract with a Division 1 team called the Birmingham Bees. This point on is when I started working on my bodies imbalances. Getting great advice and even better treatment. I then met Paul Downes who was the strength and conditioning coach of the team. He was young, keen, enthusiastic and had great ideas. Paul has gone on to work with Cardiff Blues, Wellington franchise, Auckland Franchise and NZ age group teams. Paul and myself then worked closely together taking a division 1 ladies rugby team that my wife played for, #wonthecomp!

Surfing also stayed a constant part of my life we found a cool little spot in the south of England called Bude where many weekends were spent, I also got to surf South of France and Portugal.

Ignition! 2006 to 2011 I took action enrolling myself in yoga classes to work on my mobility, palliates course to improve my knowledge on the core, functional fitness and Kettle Bell guru Steve Maxwell workshops, workouts and courses, Ross Enamait the functional beast training course, booklets, and communications with him via email I become a sponge for knowledge reading manual scripts, books research papers. All the while playing rugby and documenting all previous training and injuries.

Paul left and Christopher Kemp showed up another young, keen and enthusiastic trainer with just as many great ideas! Christopher is now a strength and conditioning coach at North Hampton Saints. Before departing for home at the end of 2010 Chris and the coaching staff could see the benefit of my extra training. I was doing single leg, single arm, symmetry, balance, core, Uni-lateral patterns, glute activation, dynamic mobility I ended up taking the team for a functional HIIT session as part of the training week.

2011 roll round! We returned home with baby boy TJ in tow. I had a vision to share and support people with the knowledge and experience I had gained and bring to the fitness industry a unique form of functional fitness. I knew I had something unique I was 33 years of age and I had gone from 92kgs in my mid 20’s injured, imbalanced and lack of any range down 86kgs stronger fitter and faster than I had ever been, balanced, bullet proof core, intrinsic inner and outer co-ordination and mobility greatly improved. I had a couple of thoughts running through my mind and pumping through my veins “conditioning vs Fatigue and Functional Fitness”.

With a passion to provide training, coaching and mentoring to all! Supporting them to be the very best they can be SPEE Training was established.

As a keen surfer, I could see massive benefit in developing movements and routines for surf specific training the cross over from functional movement patterns and my approach to conditioning was a deadly combo! I approached Khan Butler and asked if I could help with the development of his son the rising star Kehu Butler. I have been lucky enough to have been working with him since he was 13. Also, I worked closely with Kea Smith and she had great success in the past winning both the u16 and u18 NZ champs. At the same time, I started a surf specific class from the growing demand and surfers such as Tim Oconnor, Leon Santorik, Matty Hewit, Alex Dive, Travis McCoy, Michael Wheeler and “TAOS very own Matty Scorringe”

I believe there is always new things to be learnt and added to your tool box. I love to research and experiment with movement I spend countless hours in the gym and I take courses that resonate with what I see important for training. A couple that I have enjoyed taking since been back in NZ have been Defranco gyms core movement and postural correction techniques, BodyFlexx’s 6 months course it’s unique in that it looks at inner and outer co-ordination and developing end of range strength and a Steve Maxwell workshop on Kettle Bells, functional movement and mobility.

Close to 5 years I have been working on aligning functional movement with surf specific training. “TAOS Matty Scorringe” and myself have worked together before on Kehu’s Air and rotational game.

We have decided to join forces!