Online Coaching

The Art Of Surfing is committed to helping surfers learn new skills or fine-tune existing skills through the internet. The site is not just for competition surfers, but primarily for any surfer who just wants to do a better turn, learn a new move, or simply be more confident whenever they enter the ocean.

Online Coaching is a new service that is offered here at The Art of Surfing. The service is used to help surfers from around the country and overseas improve their surfing technique and give them the opportunity to be coached from anywhere in the world.

Online Coaching

Upload a video and get detailed analysis from our professional coaches. Using advanced sports analysis software we will actually create a video presentation completely customised for you including both visual and voiceover instructional guidance using advanced split screen comparisons with a pro. It’s almost like having a professional coach sitting right on the beach with you.

These presentations highlight the key coaching areas identified during the review of your footage and provide ongoing coaching reinforcement for the surfer.

The presentation is a highly motivating tool allowing surfers the ability to listen, watch and review their own personal coaching presentation before going surfing.