Youth / Adult Coaching

The Art Of Surfing offers Private and Group coaching sessions for any surfer that wants to develop their technique and dramatically boost their ability level while getting the best technique advice in New Zealand.

Private coaching sessions are tailored to meet the individuals needs and involve a thorough 1 on 1, two hour surfing lesson just between you and our fully qualified ISA surf coach.

Private Coaching Session, Footage Review On The Ipad | Pic TAOS©

Group coaching sessions are for groups of friends or families who are looking to improve their surfing together. You will have a dedicated coach for your small group with all the benefits of hiring a private instructor that is fully focused on your group’s progression

Group Coaching Session | Pic Corey Scott©

Group Coaching Session | Pic Corey Scott©

The delivery of feedback is provided visually using advanced analysis software with split screen comparisons between you and a pro surfer via ipad throughout the session.

You also have the option to choose in water coaching to work on elements such as peak positioning, wave selection and in water re correction of technique. Ideal for serious beginner through to intermediate surfers.

For more info and to book your coaching session head to the Private and Group coaching pages!

Youth Group Coaching Session

Youth Group Coaching Session | Pic TAOS©